Intercessory Prayer Team


Vision: To support the Vision, Mission, Leaders, Covenant Partners, Family and Community of Breakthrough Covenant Church.

Mission: To engage people of GOD in prayer that glorifies GOD and cultivates intimacy with GOD; supports the calling of GOD upon the BCC body; and supports loving unity among the body of Breakthrough Covenant Church.

Objective: To discipline people in prayer that reflects the diversity of expression within the Body.
1 Corinthians 12:4-7 Now there are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. Also there are different ways of serving, but the same Lord being served. And there are different modes of working, but it is the same God working them all in everyone. Moreover, to each person is given the particular manifestation of the Spirit that will be for the common good.

Corporate Prayer Requests

Remember “Prayer Trees” where people could be notified of prayer needs by phone? We are using the technology of “GroupMe” to simplify and streamline communication of these needs to those who are committed to pray. GroupMe will be used for important and urgent prayer requests only. This is a closed group but NOT confidential and includes any member of BCC that is interested in praying for the needs of the BCC Family. You can participate by text or email. Contact Cheryl to join.

As Pastor Charles’ series on Prayer that Avails Much has come to a close-the Prayers go on! Though we have taken the Prayer Circles down we will be continuing to take Prayer Requests at the Information Table at the church. Feel free to share a Prayer Request on the orange squares provided and they will be prayed over at corporate meeting times and by the Prayer Team and Leadership Team. Please add your name to the back so we can know if a prayer has been answered. We will change these out quarterly so we know we are always praying for the most current needs. Contact Cheryl Marciniak with any questions.

For further questions about these opportunities please contact Cheryl.

Prayer Request / Praise Report