Water Baptism

May 29, 2022

On May 29, 2022 we will be incorporate baptism into our Sunday morning service. Please plan to attend a meeting before service that day, starting at 9:40 AM in the blue Mission Room in the lobby. Please bring an extra set of clothing to change into and a towel.

The Return

The Return is a 4-day retreat, designed to be a place where every man can experience freedom and refreshing for their marriage, business and personal growth. This intensive encounter includes days filled with God-seeking, self-searching and spiritual training aimed to unlock authentic and distinctive maturity and growth.

The total cost of The Return is $365, which will cover travel, food, lodging and all other expenses for the event. A deposit of $150 is required at registration and will reserve your spot. The remaining $215 can be paid by cash, check or online at (choose “Special Event”) up to Wednesday August 24, 2022. Full balance must be paid in order to attend the event.