Discover Class

In these classes, we will have an opportunity to complete the Discover series: Discover Covenant, Discover Community, Discover Purpose.

  • In the Discover Covenant sessions we will learn about our church’s background, beliefs, how we function as a church, and how this all relates to you. Our goal in these sessions is to help you gain a deeper understanding of God’s covenant for your life.
  • In the Discover Community sessions you’ll find out more about the foundations of spiritual growth in relationships and be made aware of all the opportunities to connect with others at Breakthrough Covenant Church. This will help you prepare for your next level of spiritual growth.
  • The last session will be Discover Purpose. At Breakthrough Covenant Church, we are committed to helping you realize God’s gifts and calling that is upon your life. We want our members to be equipped to fulfill His plan for their lives. This session will help you discover and learn more about the unique gifts and personality traits that God has given you. You’ll also learn how you can maximize those gifts by serving others in God’s kingdom.

To register for this class, please click on the link below. There is no cost for this class.

Good or God? Class

In these classes we will complete a DVD study lead by John Bevere entitled Good or God?

  • If it’s good, it must be GOD. Right?
  • These days the terms good and God seem synonymous. We believe whatever is generally accepted as good must be in line with God’s will.
  • But if good is so obvious, why does the Bible say we need discernment to recognize it? The Good or God? study will challenge your perspective and enable you to engage with God on a new level-so you can enjoy the best life. To register for this class, click the link below. There is no cost for this class.

Managing Our Finances God’s Way

In these classes we will complete a DVD study through Crown Financial entitled Managing Our Finances God’s Way.

  • Did you know there are over 2,350 verses in the Bible about money?
  • Nearly half of Jesus’ parables are about possessions.
  • The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. The cost of the class is $17.00.